• Dry Age At Home

    Craft delicious, aged beef in your own refrigerator! Yes, you heard that right, there’s no longer a need for industrial refrigerators, or hefty restaurant bills. It’s time to bring restaurant standard steak to your dinner table.


    Handle the steak bags with care as they are fragile when first sealed. After a few days, a strong bond with the meats surface proteins will be formed - let the magic begin. Please also note: The meat requires consistent, unlimited air flow to all surfaces throughout the aging process.

  • Age-to-Perfection

    We promise, you’ll never forget the amazing flavor of dry aged beef. Place your steak in our dry aging bags for meat and age for 28 to 45 days. The deep flavors will develop slowly over time, creating a succulent steak fit for a Michelet star.

  • Mouth-Wateringly Delicious

    Let your taste buds run wild and indulge on succulent, dry aged steak crafted from the comfort of your own home. There are no compromises – all the tender juiciness of your favorite steakhouse in your own kitchen.

  • No Sealer Needed

    We have created the ultimate at home dry aging bags that require NO special equipment, not even a sealer! Simply dip into water, remove the air and tie it up – it’s a piece of cake, or should we say steak!

  • Safety First

    Our steak bags are made using a special, breathable material that bonds to the meats surface proteins. This creates a protective dry aging environment that shields against off flavors and contamination. Make the aging process simple and safe with our dry age meat bags.

  • Large Dry Aging Bags

    Our dry aging bags for meat are suitable for boneless ribeye and strip loin steak cuts up to 18lbs. So, if you’re prepping for a fancy dinner party, or maybe BBQ season, there’ll sure be enough steak to go around!

  • Steak Gift for Any Occasion

    Give the gift of a juicy steak, without hurting your pocket! Our dry aging bags are the perfect gift for your family or friends. Give them the opportunity to craft tender, succulent steaks at home – who knows, they might even invite you round for a dinner party…